Hot Deals of the Week: Airfare Sale Round-up for Oct. 11

Jack Frost may not be nipping at your nose just yet but once he does, kick him to the curb by boarding a flight to somewhere warm. Or cold, if you prefer – we’d never forget you skiers. The good news is there are plenty of cheap flights to take you away.

Airfare Sales Still Going Strong

Take a look. No particular order. If you like what you see, click the airline name for more information.

  • United: Deals for this weekend from $160 round-trip
  • US Airways: Sale on Bermuda from $369 round-trip
  • Delta: First class deals to/from LA from $225 one-way
  • Virgin Atlantic: London from $426 one-way
  • JetBlue: Deals from $59 one-way
  • Alaska: Flights from $49 one-way
  • United: U.S. cities sale from $112 round-trip

Tips for Cheap Holiday Flights

Most of the above deals include blackout dates around the holiday periods. If you do plan to fly then, check out these tips:

Now get out there and show Mr. Frost who’s really in charge.


Updated: February 9, 2016