Hong Kong Airlines Passengers Protest, Refuse to Leave Plane

About 50 passengers aboard a Hong Kong Airlines flight from Singapore refused to leave the plane when it finally arrived in Hong Kong, to protest what they considered inadequate compensation for an earlier delay. So they stayed onboard and staged an old-fashioned sit-in.

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Passengers Hold Up Airline for More Cash

Airline officials had offered $50 per passenger for the original delay which was caused by some kind of mechanical problem, but the travelers said that wasn’t enough and proceeded to create a new delay of their own in protest.

After an hour-and-a-half, the passengers were persuaded to leave the plane but continued to make their disapproval known until the airline offered them $150 per person. The passengers then took the money, and dispersed.

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Last Week, Passengers were Held for ‘Ransom’

This was in stark contrast to last week’s incident in Vienna, in which passengers aboard a Comtel jetliner were forced to pay for the plane’s fuel bill. They were told if they refused, they wouldn’t be going anywhere. They ponied up, and eventually made it home to Birmingham.


Published: November 21, 2011