Honeymoon Guide: Cheap Flights to 15 Great Destinations

Planning a wedding? Welcome to the FareCompare’s Honeymoon Guide – but it’s not just for newlyweds. Anyone thinking of renewing vows, re-igniting some sparks or just on the look out for a great romantic vacation will find plenty of fun ideas here.

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15 Best Honeymoon Destinations

Click on the name to find the cheapest flights to these destinations, and see more money-saving tips below.

Budget-Friendly Honeymoons

The most important ingredient for a memorable honeymoon? Love – and that’s absolutely free. No need to break the bank on a honeymoon and these destinations can be quite reasonable:

  • Caribbean treasures: Montego Bay (Jamaica) and Nassau (Bahamas). You’ll often see great airfare deals to these beautiful islands thanks to lots of competition from discount carriers. Both cities are close enough to avoid jet lag yet far away enough to be a real adventure.
  • Mexican resort: Cancun. This popular resort is served by several low-cost carriers, and its dreamy white beaches are spectacular but if you’re looking for serenity, avoid Cancun at Spring Break.
  • Hawaiian islands: Oahu (Honolulu) and Maui. Look for deals from West Coast cities to these popular island destinations. The cheaper fares are to Honolulu but Maui is getting less expensive in part thanks to frequent sales from Hawaiian and Alaska airlines. Both have great beaches and great dining options.
  • Florida beaches: Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Panama City. Spacious beaches with affordable accommodations are a hallmark of Panama City while Miami boasts South Beach and a lively arts scene. If fares to Miami seem a little steep, compare prices to Ft. Lauderdale – just 27 miles away.
  • Great outdoors: Salt Lake and Denver. If hiking, skiing or breathtaking views are on your check list, these two Rocky Mountain cities will provide all you need. Denver is especially cheap thanks to its many low-cost carrier options.
  • Big city nightlife: New York and Los Angeles. Los Angeles offers lots of clubs, great restaurants and sometimes even movie stars; New York offers everything. And since both are big airline hubs, well-priced tickets are usually available.

More Expensive Honeymoons

Want to turn a honeymoon into a pull-out-all-the-stops trip of a lifetime? Take a look at these options and we’ll help you find the cheapest flights available:

  • Exotic paradise: Fiji. This chain of islands, about 2,000 miles from Sydney, is a wonder of warm tropical weather, white sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs. Nadi International is the main airport.
  • Gem of Italy: Florence. This beautiful city is a blend of modern and Renaissance wonders and a must-see for anyone who loves art or history or – there is simply too much to list. Most U.S. carriers will require a stop in another European capital.
  • Kiwi adventure: Auckland, New Zealand. Scenery so beautiful, it belongs in a movie – and you’ll find it in the Lord of the Rings saga. Visitors say the people are even nicer.

Tips for Even Cheaper Honeymoon Flights

Don’t shop too early or too late: For domestic flights, book your tickets before two weeks before departure, but don’t start shopping until about three months ahead. You have a broader window for most international destinations: you can begin shopping about five months ahead but book your tickets about a month before departure.

Fly the cheapest days: Just because your wedding is Saturday doesn’t mean you have to fly out on Sunday. For domestic flights, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and often Saturdays are the cheapest days to fly (Sunday is one of the most expensive days). For international destinations, it varies but midweek flights are often cheaper than weekends.

Look for connecting flights: You can save as much as 20% to 60% on domestic flights – in many cases – by forgoing the convenience of a direct flight and adding a stop (or two). We’ve seen prices to Europe during peak summer season drop by 35% simply by avoiding non-stop flights.

Fly off-season: Winter in Europe is low season which means it’s cheap, but spring and fall are less expensive than summer. For domestic flights, January is usually the cheapest time to fly and two other dead zones with cheap prices are the first couple of weeks in November and the two weeks after Thanksgiving.


Published: March 21, 2013