Here We Go Again – More Outrageous Spirit Ads

It’s been more than a year since FareCompare called Spirit the “crazy little airline” that breaks all the rules (and often wins by doing so) and the discount carrier hasn’t stopped yet. At least, not to judge by its latest series of website advertisements.

Spirit – What’s all the shouting about?

Spirit Ad Rips NFL Player

In the airline’s most recent ad – which upholds the Spirit tradition of creating tasteless buzz – a man wears a football helmet featuring Miami Dolphins colors as the text states, “Don’t be bullied by high fares” then explains that one can “fly incognito out of Florida” – get it? The NFL Players Association did and was not amused, but Spirit has shown in the past that it has an exceedingly thick skin.

Spirit’s Crack Smoking Ad

The “bully” ad replaced Spirit’s “crack smoking” ad which featured a silhouette that looked suspiciously like Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford who recently said, yes indeed, he has smoked crack (among other rather startling admissions). But such advertisements are nothing new.

Spirit has raked all sorts of public figures over the coals – from Mitt Romney to Tiger Woods and many more (its Anthony Weiner ads, as might be expected, were among the most explicit). The airline also plays the sexist card from time to time with its notorious MILF ad among the more blatant examples (Spirit’s innocent explanation was that the letters were simply an abbreviation for Many Islands, Low Fares).

Spirit ad: ‘Have you seen our Weiner?’

Will Spirit’s New Ad Agency Make Changes?

According to Adweek, Spirit recently hired the Barkley advertising agency, which is based in Kansas City, Mo. Whether this firm will make changes is not known at this time. The agency’s website features an introductory video that states, “If you’re serious about making the world a better place, add something good to it,” so who knows? FareCompare has contacted Barkley to see if it will share its plans for Spirit and we will update with any response.

Spirit – Love It or Hate It?

Spirit’s low fares make it a favorite with passengers and its fans are passionate. So are its foes who complain about flights from hell and high fees. So we have to ask: Do you love Spirit or hate it?

Image: From Spirit via New York Daily News


Published: November 18, 2013