Hawaiian's Bag Policy Changes May Cost Inter-Island Travelers Fees and Time

If you’ll be island-hopping in Hawaii this summer – and any part of that travel will be on a Hawaiian Airlines flight and another carrier which is not one of Hawaiian’s code share partners – there are some baggage changes you need to know about.

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No More Checked-Through Bags

Beginning June 1, Hawaiian Airlines will no longer automatically through-check bags to other airlines’ flights unless both carriers’ segments are on the same ticket. Plus, other airlines will no longer be able to through-check bags to Hawaiian Airlines flights unless they are booked on that same ticket.

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Passengers: Additional Hassle, Additional Fees

In practical terms, this means that travelers who booked inter-island tickets separately from say, Hono­lulu-mainland tickets must now reclaim their bag between flights, take it through agricultural screening, then re-check it and pay any applicable bag fees before going through the security line all over again.

Hawaiian’s website notes that travelers must leave themselves “ample time” between flights to take care of these chores.

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Hawaiian’s Code Share Partners

According to Hawaiian, this is not a new policy – they are simply enforcing long-standing rules. Again, this does not apply to travel on Hawaiian and any of its code share partners. Partners listed on Hawaiian’s website include American Airlines, American Eagle, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Island Air, Korean Air, United, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Australia.

As an example of a code share flight, American partners on Hawaiian inter-island flights between Honolulu and Lihue/Hilo/Kona/Maui; between Maui and Lihue/Honolulu; and between Lihue and Hilo/Kona.


Published: May 9, 2012