Hawaiian Airlines Hiring 275 Flight Attendants for New Routes

These are not exactly stellar times for U.S. airlines: one has just declared bankruptcy, while others keep launching airfare hike attempts hoping that some of these higher ticket prices stick (and so far, about half of them have).

Hawaiian Seeks 275 Flight Attendants

But one airline – Hawaiian – is actually expanding, and now it’s beefing up its workforce, too. The Honolulu-based carrier has just put out a call for an additional 275 flight attendants, and they get to be picky as they will interview more than 2,000 for the jobs beginning today.

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New U.S. and Overseas Routes for Hawaiian

Hawaiian needs additional cabin crew members to work its new non-stop flights from New York to Honolulu which are scheduled to begin in June. Plus, earlier this year, the carrier opened new routes to Japan and Korea. It already flies to several international destinations such as Bangkok, Manila and Sydney.

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Right now, Hawaiian Airlines has a workforce of more than 4,200 – which the Associated Press says is larger than at any time in the airline’s 70-year history. And there are plans to hire close to a couple hundred other employees in the coming year, in addition to the new flight attendants.


Published: December 5, 2011