Guys Night Out in Las Vegas

You and your male friends are heading to Las Vegas. There’s always something going on there during New Year’s or Super Bowl weekend, but what if it’s not a special day – what on earth will you guys do?

We have some ideas.

Smoke a cigar

There are numerous elegant places in which to puff on a fine stogie, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be smoking a Havana one of these days.

Have a drink

So many places, so little time. Well, perhaps you can make the time for this list of unique bars, saloons and cocktail lounges.

Play some poker

There are slot machines everywhere up to and including McCarran International Airport but for the manly art of poker, head to the casinos of the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.) or Downtown. You won’t get lost, just follow the crowds.

Cruise the Strip

It actually might be quicker to walk down Las Vegas Blvd. but why not rent an extra-special car? Think how cool you’ll look in a convertible Ford Mustang, BMW Z4 or an eye-popping Corvette.

Drive like a man

Forget the convertible and drive like a NASCAR racer. Or drive with one. Tip: You may need a reservation for the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

Eat ’til you drop

Enjoy a fabulous dinner at one of the many celebrity chef restaurants, or go whole hog at an all-you-can-eat-buffet.

Play army with your pals

As the Battlefield Las Vegas website says, you can shoot a full-auto machine gun at this “ultimate shooting range.” If you’re a really  big spender, they’ll even let you crush a car with a tank.

Go to a pool

Vegas has become the place for pool parties in recent years – you’ll find them at most hotels – but they’re not always cheap (unless you’re staying there). Remember, the Vegas sun gets super hot so if you happen to be drinking alcohol (been known to happen!) it could go to your head faster than you’d think.

Go to a pool filled with sharks

The Mandalay Bay Hotel has a shark pool. You can simply admire these creatures or swim with them (if SCUBA qualified).

Get some manly culture

Speaking of sharks, have you seen the Mob Museum? It’s not exactly the Louvre but if you like collections devoted to organized crime, this is the place.

And last but not least – get married

Yes, Vegas is loaded with wedding chapels, and yes, many feature Elvis impersonators who will sing or officiate or both. Which brings us to our favorite wedding chapel FAQ:

  • Q: “Can I get married in Las Vegas without a marriage license?”
  • A: “Yes you can! However, the ceremony would be for entertainment only.”

Have fun, bros.


Updated: February 9, 2016