Good News for Celebrities Flying to/from Los Angeles

If you are a celebrity or VIP or other high profile person, good news if you fly in-and-out of LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). You now have a place to hide from the paparazzi.

Those cameras can be scary as seen in video of Rihanna at LAX, below.

Celebrities to Get Private Lounge at LAX

The Los Angeles City Council has given its blessing to a private security firm which will create a “remote lounge” at LAX where famous folks can hang out without being hounded by cameras and fans. According to media reports, the lounge will offer private suites but its main draw is probably that it allows celebrities to “avoid the main terminal areas and to board their scheduled flights out of the public eye.” It seems unclear when the lounge would open but our guess is sometime this year.

Money may be part of the reason for the city council’s unanimous vote; the airport stands to earn more than $3 million a year on the lounge’s lease.

Nobodies Can Use the Celebrity Lounge, Too

But what if you’re not a famous actor or musician or politician or a Kardashian – are you persona non grata at the celebrity lounge? No at all – simply pay for a day-pass! Estimated cost, around $1,800. At least you can find a cheap flight to get to the lounge.

VIDEO: Singer Rihanna at LAX in 2014 – via WowCelebrityTV.


Updated: January 27, 2016