Get on a Plane, Help Add Trillions to the Global Economy

Ever wondered if your $200 airline ticket to Vegas mattered in the grand scheme of things? Then take a look at a recent report from the London-based World Travel & Tourism Council. According to its research, travel and tourism contributed nearly $7 trillion to the global economy last year. [See the amazing tourism video below]

The Big Spenders

Last year’s deep-pocketed tourists cited in the WTTC report include the “travelers of China, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey and Egypt” and presumably some of those made it U.S. cities. In another report from Brand USA, the tourism-marketing program (which is paid for by a customs fee and the travel industry), an extra 1 million visitors came to America last year, dropping $3.4 billion on flights, hotels, souvenirs and so much more. Perhaps they were lured by the marketing video below.

But visitors to Southeast Asia deserve the most credit, according to the report, because last year alone, those tourists helped the region lead all others in terms of economic and employment growth, which rose nearly 8 percent.

Other nations that got a big assist revenue-wise from hosting international travelers included the the U.K., Thailand, Turkey, Japan, Greece and Russia.

Jobs and More

Tourism and travel creates a lot of jobs – more than 260 million worldwide. According to the WTTC report, that is 1 out of every job in the entire world. Something to think about on that flight to Vegas.

VIDEO: That’s Roseanne Cash performing in Brand USA video, “Land of Dreams”.


Published: March 26, 2014