Gary, Indiana, Loses Last Airline as Smaller Airports Continue to Feel Cuts

The website for Gary, Indiana’s, airport proclaims “Nothing but Blue Skies” and that may be, but they’re certainly a lot less crowded now that Allegiant has pulled out. The airport, for the moment anyway, has no regularly scheduled commercial service.

Memphis – victim of Delta downsizing

Smaller Airports as Targets

According to news reports, Allegiant withdrew from Gary because it just wasn’t filling enough seats and executives decided to cut their losses. This is becoming an increasing problem for mid- and small-city airports since all carriers have adopted capacity cutting as a tool to strengthening the all-important bottom line.

And cuts can come with little notice. Late last month, Frontier switched from year-round to season service for flights to and from Durango, Colo., leaving the city with only direct winter-time service to Denver via United. But the smallish Colorado airport is lucky in that it still boasts a handful of carriers offering year-round flights. More and more towns are left with a single airline.

What to do if your airline cuts service

One-Airline Airports

It’s important to remember that these days, airlines can and do enter or leave markets with little notice. Check with the airline for the latest information, but the following examples of single-airline airports are believed to be correct as of this writing.

  • Augusta, Maine: The airport is served by Cape Air which flies to Boston. For those not familiar with New England, Augusta is the state capital.
  • Fort Dodge, Iowa: Great Lakes Airlines flies from Ft. Dodge to Minneapolis
  • Pocatello, Idaho: Delta Connection (operated by SkyWest) flies weekdays to Salt Lake City
  • Garden City, Kansas: American Eagle has flights to Dallas
  • Wolf Point, Montana: Although city’s airport website says it offers flights on Big Sky Airlines, that regional carrier folded seven years ago. We did some digging and found Silver Airways flies between Wolf Point and Billings


Published: August 12, 2013