Frontier Raises Bag Fees for Spring Break

Not so long ago we told you Spirit and Frontier were hiking bag fees for the holidays. Now Frontier will again raise baggage fees – an extra $5 – just in time for the popular Spring Break travel period.

Bag Fees for Spring Break

As you’ll see on the Frontier site, fees are listed under two headings, “regular baggage options” and “value season pricing.” Spring break falls under the higher, ‘regular’ category.

  • Higher bag fees: $5 more
  • When: Feb. 11 to April 4

Carry-on bag fees will rise from $35 to $40; checked-bags from $25 to $30. Note: If you pay more for Frontier’s Classic Plus ticket, you get both a carry-on and checked-bag for free.

Bag Fees Rise for Summer, Too

There will be a two month long return to lower fees for Frontier flights after Spring Break then brace yourself for a summer hike as higher fees return from June 9 through Aug. 16.

One Way to Avoid Bag Fees

Frontier allows every passenger one personal item for free, which could be a purse, briefcase, computer bag – or even a very small carry-on – as long as it fits under a seat and is no bigger than 8″ tall, 14″ wide and 18″ long (including any handles or wheels). That’s not a lot of space, but it might be just enough if you pack light.

Note: There is no indication Spirit will be joining the Spring Break bag fee hike but if they do, we’ll let you know.


Published: January 29, 2016