Frontier Penalizes Shoppers Who Book Airfare Away from Its Website

UPDATE – May 1, 2013: See the latest ways Frontier penalizes its passengers.

Frontier Airlines has changed the way it does business which penalizes shoppers on third-party airfare comparison sites such as this one. But is it worth changing the way you shop?

Listen at air travel expert Rick Seaney explains what this means for you.

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New Penalties from Frontier

The discount airline, headquartered out of Indianapolis, now offers advanced seat selection only to those who book airfare through the Frontier website. And only those who purchase tickets on the airline site will get the full value of their mileage.

Penalties for those who shop elsewhere include seat assignment only at check-in and the ability to earn just half as many frequent flyer miles. A Frontier spokesman has been quoted as saying, “There is no logical reason for our customers to want to book anywhere else.” But, there is.

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Benefits of Comparison Site Airfare Shopping

Experienced airfare shoppers know the big advantage of comparison sites is just that: the ability to compare prices of a wide variety of airlines to be sure of getting the cheapest flights. Shopping a single airline site can in effect tilt the playing field in the airline’s favor since shoppers won’t see what the competition is offering – and those competitors may be offering much deeper discounts.

Airfare Shoppers: Stay Informed

Bottom line: Shoppers should choose a site that works best for them and if it provides a daily round-up of airfare sales and deals as well as updated news and information about all things air travel, so much the better. As airfare analyst Rick Seaney has said time and again, “An informed airfare shopper is a savvy airfare shopper.”


Published: September 18, 2012