Frontier’s New Bundled Amenities

Frontier Airlines, which has transformed itself into a clone of wildly-popular, widely-disliked Spirit – famous and its total lack of amenities including no free soda – is doing one thing a little differently. Frontier now offers passengers a bit of comfort.

Yes, Frontier is going the ‘bundled’ route. Yes, it will cost you.

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Frontier’s Bundle: The Works for $49 one-way

Frontier calls its new package of bundled amenities The Works, and here’s what you get:

  • Refundable tickets with no change fee
  • Seat selection (including exit rows)
  • Free carry-on bag
  • Free checked-bag
  • Early boarding

The promotional cost – $49 one-way – is good for flights booked through Aug. 31. After that, it’s not clear what it will cost, but Frontier’s ad says the ‘regular’ price is $125.

Is It Worth It?

It might be, for the no-change fee part alone. Many airlines charge $200 for any itinerary changes so if you have doubts about when you can fly or need to book travel for an uncertain event (such as the birth of a child), this might be the way to go.

It might be worth it for bags, too, especially if you travel with a lot of luggage. Most airlines charge $50 round-trip for one checked-bag and some (including Frontier and Spirit) also charge for carry-ons.

Our verdict: At the $49 price, this could be a good deal for some travelers but only you can say for certain if it fits your needs. So, we’ll ask – what do you think?


Updated: October 26, 2015