Frontier Airlines CEO is Flight Attendant in Undercover Boss TV Show

Frontier Airlines Boss Goes Undercover

Did you catch Bryan Bedford on TV last night? I’m talking about the CEO of Republic Airways, the parent of Frontier Airlines.

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Anyway, Bedford wasn’t on the evening news – he starred as a flight attendant on the popular CBS entertainment show, “Undercover Boss”.

See the Video Below

In case you were wondering, this is not a “gotcha” show, where heads of companies try to catch employees goofing off; instead, it’s about bosses who (to quote the show’s website) “leave the comfort of their corner office for an undercover mission to examine the inner workings of their companies.”

A Very Odd Wig

Of course, one can only do this incognito – so Bedford, whose real-life hairdo will never be mistaken for Justin Bieber’s, donned a very odd wig, a pair of glasses and set to work.

And what did the Fearless Frontier Leader discover? The answer after this video snippet of Bedford serving cookies on a Frontier flight (the signature snack of Midwest before that carrier was absorbed by Frontier).

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bedford now “has a better appreciation for his front-line workers. After his TV experience, he instituted ‘town hall’-type meetings each week to better communicate with employees.”

Frontier Employees, Care to Share?

If there are any Frontier workers out there who’d like to chime in – especially those who worked with Mr. Bedford on his flight, let us know how it went.

See the complete episode featuring Frontier Airlines boss Bryan Bedford on the Undercover Boss website.

Image from “Undercover Boss” on CBS


Published: October 18, 2010