Freeway to LAX to Close Weekend of Sept. 29-30

It’s still two months away, but state officials in California are already warning travelers of Carmageddon II, a 56-hour long closure of Los Angeles’ infamous 405 freeway, which has been called the most clogged route in the U.S.

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Ten-Mile Shutdown for 56 Hours

The early heads-up is designed to avoid massive traffic jams which could snarl locals and air travelers since the 405 is one of the main arteries leading to the region’s largest airport, Los Angeles International (LAX).

During the weekend of Sept. 29 and 30, a ten-mile stretch of the 405 freeway will be closed down as what’s left of the Mulholland Bridge is demolished. Much of the structure was taken down during Carmageddon I which took place about a year ago.

Some 405 Ramps Closed for Ongoing Construction

More recently, LA drivers have faced The Rampture, which involves an ongoing series of on/off ramp closures along the 405 (and whatever you think of LA traffic, you have to admit there are whimsical minds at work on those press releases).

LAX’s $4 Billion Make-over

LAX Airport Construction

If that’s not bad enough – LAX the nation’s third busiest airport – is in the midst of a multi-faceted construction project with two more years to go before completion. Carmageddon II will undoubtedly add to the fun as the estimated 500,000 weekend drivers on the 405 figure out how the heck to get from Point A to B when part of their freeway is closed.


Published: July 20, 2012