Four Bad Flights, Four Bad Aftermaths

Just when you think the worst is over – a scary plane ride lands, or that long flight is finally over – something else happens. Something bad. Here is a tale of four flights.

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1. Missing MacBook

Tech developer and blogger Nick Bradbury was aboard what he calls Southwest flight 345 when it hit the runway at New York’s LaGuardia nose first. Bradbury was grateful to survive what he called the “crash landing” but his ordeal wasn’t over yet. When he was finally reunited with his carry-on, he noticed there were a few things missing, inlcluding his MacBook Pro (Apple price: $1,199 and up). To its credit, Southwest said give us the receipt and we’ll reimburse you. They also threw in a check for the ill-fated flight plus two round-trip tickets anywhere Southwest flies for each family member. Bradbury said he had a good time in New York, “which ironically [wa]s due in part to my not having a laptop to distract me with work-related things.”

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2. Stolen Luggage

A lot of flights were diverted when the Asiana plane crashed in San Francisco on July 6 including one that was sent to Los Angeles. One couple on that diverted LA flight decided to drive up to San Francisco while their luggage went on another flight. When they went to the airport to pick up their bags, they were nowhere to be found. A United Airlines customer service agent and his wife have been charged with felony grand theft (the bag contained more than $30,000 in new clothing purchases). As the DA was quoted as saying by the LA Times, “Thievery when no one’s around, I find it deplorable, especially if they’re taking advantage of a case like this.”

3. No Plane? Take the Bus

An Allegiant flight from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to St. Petersburg, Florida, had to make an emergency landing due to a suspected fire. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm but the passengers found themselves in Albany, Georgia, with – apparently – no substitute plane. They reportedly hung out in the airport for six hours or so before finally being led to buses for another six-hour ride to their final destination. “Too much adventure,” said one tired traveler.

4. Customs Line from Hell

Speaking of fatigue, imagine you’ve just arrived in Dallas after a nine-hour flight from London. If you think the worst is over, you haven’t seen the customs lines lately. According to one news report, recent wait times have lasted as long as four hours. “Call your congressman,” suggested a DFW spokesman.

Got a bad aftermath story of your own? We’d love to hear it.


Published: July 30, 2013