Four Airlines with Cheap Flights and Great Entertainment

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to any airline, but what’s wrong with a little entertainment, too? These days, fun on a flight is rare so it’s nice to recognize the airlines that add a little something extra to their customer service (but if you’d rather sleep, just don your noise-canceling headphones).

Take a look at my list of four entertaining airlines, plus some of the other reasons you might want to fly these carriers – like cheap flights.

Southwest Airlines

The entertainment: This discounter never fails to amuse, whether its flight attendants are rapping out the safety instructions or playing “who’s got the ugliest driver’s license”. Pilots get in on the act too; perhaps you heard one of them shout this out as your plane was landing: “Whoa, big fella…WHOA!”

Why fly Southwest: Leisure travelers love the free checked-bags and no change fees; plus the airline’s upcoming merger with AirTran will expand its route system to Atlanta and beyond.

Virgin America

The entertainment: This U.S. based discounter has a witty safety demonstration video complete with amusing animation, plus Virgin America’s “Red” touch-screen in-flight entertainment system with TV, movies, games and more is arguably the best in the industry.

Why fly Virgin America: Once again, this low cost carrier offers cheap flights plus frequent sales that are often featured on the FareCompare Deals Blog. And the carrier keeps expanding its route system, something I know about first-hand since I was on Virgin America’s inaugural flight to Dallas-Ft. Worth.


The entertainment: On Dec. 24, this discount airline from Spain gave each of the 190 passengers aboard the late night Barcelon-to-Las Palmas flight individually wrapped Christmas gifts. The Spanair presents were personalized too: teddy bears for toddlers, fine cosmetics for some of the women, cameras for other adults and more.

Why fly Spanair: This is a low cost carrier, but unlike another European discounter – the fee-riddled Ryanair – Spanair gives passengers one free checked-bag, and check out the prices on the FareCompare Domestic Airline Baggage Fee Chart if you don’t think that’s a big deal. Plus, this carrier flies in and out of New York, Washington and Philadelphia as well as throughout Europe and beyond.

Cebu Pacific

The entertainment: From time to time, the flight attendants of this Philippines-based airline give safety demonstrations to the beat of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” – though sometimes these Cebu Pacific cabin crew members will lip-synch to Lady Gaga, too. People do pay attention.

Why fly Cebu Pacific: This is a low cost carrier with good prices (although there is also a somewhat confusing array of fees); Cebu Pacific also has flights to a wide variety of Asian destinations including Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and many others.

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Published: January 12, 2011