Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura Upset Over Dismissed TSA Suit

Former Minnesota governor and wrestling star Jesse Ventura says he was so angered by the dismissal of his lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration which labeled airport scans and pat-downs essentially “unreasonable search and seizure” that he may move to Mexico, or at least take out dual-citizenship. Or, he may run for president.

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Ventura’s Hip Replacement Sets Off Airport Alarms

The suit grew out of an incident that occurred a year ago when he set off alarms at an airport metal detector, as a result of his titanium hip implant. He was then subjected to an enhanced full body pat-down (which is generally given as an alternative for those who refuse the imaging scan). Ventura says he hasn’t flown since, nor will he unless things change.

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His lawsuit was not dismissed on its merits. The judge in the case said it should have been filed in the federal Circuit Court of Appeals, but at the moment it’s not clear if Ventura plans to go forward with the suit or not.

Meanwhile, the former governor is keeping busy taping his cable TV show, “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.” No word on whether this latest drama will be used in an upcoming episode.


Published: November 7, 2011