Fog Cancels Nearly 200 Flights at London City, Heathrow Airports

A stereotypical thick London fog continues to affect arriving and departing flights at London City and Heathrow airports, according to the BBC.

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Nearly 200 Flights Canceled at Heathrow

Airport officials are telling passengers to be pro-active and check with their airline before leaving for the airport to see if their flight has been affected. Nearly 200 arrivals and departures were canceled at Heathrow since Sunday – some airlines have been putting customers on later flights and even bus transportation, while other passengers have been put up at local hotels.

There are also reports of severe weather delays at other European airports including Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Oslo, Paris and Zurich.

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Passengers Urged to Contact Airlines

A Heathrow official said the weather in London appears to be clearing (as of this writing), but passengers are urged to stay in contact with their airline for the latest updates.


Published: November 21, 2011