Fly Late in Summer and Save Up to 33%

One of my friends in the media recently requested some airline ticket comparison information and I was able to oblige thanks to the huge amount of current airfare data that crosses my desk each day (I also frequently analyze my vast storehouse of historical data). That led me to a new money-saving shopping tip.

Hear Rick Seaney tell you exactly how to work this very special tip:

One-Third Off the Price of Airfare

Let me share this now so you too can see the difference between peak and off-peak pricing for summer travel. In some cases, the difference is stunning – with travelers who fly late in the season saving as much as one-third off the cost of their airfare.

Best off-peak destinations for summer

Domestic Flights – Peak vs. Off-peak

The following figures are based on domestic, non-stop 7-day round-trip flights departing on Aug. 12 vs. Aug. 26 departures.


Domestic Airfare Prices: Peak vs. Off-peak

Flight Length Example Aug. 12 Price Aug. 26 Price Percent Saved
Long haul New York – LA $536 $401 33%
Medium haul Chicago – Philly $400 $316 26%
Short haul San Fran – LA $200 $168 19%


Now a couple of examples of international flights, based on the identical dates.


Europe Airfare Prices: Peak vs. Off-peak

Departure/Arrival Aug. 12 Price Aug. 26 Price Percent Saved
Chicago-Frankfurt $1545 $1157 33%
Washington-Paris $1447 $1158 25%


Bottom line – sometimes moving a trip back just a few days can reap significant rewards. But just one caution:

Don’t Delay Airfare Purchase

The above dates don’t mean you should wait until then to buy your airfare. Purchasing your tickets is something you can be doing right now, and this is especially true for travel to Europe.

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Published: June 21, 2013