Visit Vieques – Part of the Spanish Virgin Islands

Formerly known as the Puerto Rican Virgin Islands, the Spanish Virgin Islands consist mainly of Culebra and Vieques. This island of Vieques, Puerto Rico is slightly smaller than Culebra but still offers an abundance of beauty, outdoor activities and beach life for anyone visiting the island. History buffs will enjoy various small exhibits and museums found in the area and adventurers will enjoy hiking, horseback riding and more.

Some of our favorite hotels based on research and guest reviews are the W Retreat & Spa, Vieques Island and Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort. Depending on budget and time, there are some solid options for couples, families or singles on this island that feels almost private!

Flights to Vieques are easy to find. You might as well add this to your island hopping in the Caribbean if that’s your thing. Black sand beaches, boating, horseback riding, scuba and snorkeling await. Book a hotel in Vieques and soon you’ll be sipping that beverage in a peaceful setting.

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Updated: January 4, 2016