Did You Fly This Summer? Or are Staycations the New Normal?

Staycations – The “New Normal”?

Are staycations the “new normal”? That’s what Forbes says.

In a new report, the magazine says fewer of us are flying, and that this is a trend that’s here to stay.

Here’s what it says:

“Many are driving instead of flying and they’re also spending less on whatever trips they do take. But more are opting to stay home entirely.” Forbes, 8-20-10

The “new normal”? Well, besides being a hackneyed phrase, I don’t believe it’s true. And, no, I’m not one for spending money I do not have, so I’m not a “live it up no matter the cost” type of person.

Find a Good Deal from Your Airport Now (So You Don’t Have to Stay Home)

Still, I think a lot of us work hard and deserve an occasional getaway – and since FareCompare is all about saving a buck, it’s a match made in heaven (oops – how did that a hackneyed phrase like that slip in?).

Who Flew This Summer, Who Didn’t Fly

We’d like to hear what you think about “staycations” – is this the new normal? Did you stay home? Pretend you’re back in school writing that “What I Did on My Summer Vacation Essay” and take our poll.

Photo from jaynefury’s photostream on flickr (“Staycation in Tacoma”)


Published: August 23, 2010