Morning Flight Stuff: Trapped on Tarmac, Babies on Board, Lady Gaga

Keeping up with air travel news – stuff you need to know (and stuff you want to know).

Bag Fight on a Plane

A woman on a Frontier plane in Los Angeles was hauled out of the aircraft’s cabin yesterday and arrested after she refused to check her carryon bag, which a flight attendant deemed too big for the bin. A Los Angeles Airport police officer suffered minor injuries while attempting to remove the woman.

The flight took off without her. If only she’d checked FareCompare’s Airline Baggage Fee Chart for carryon size limitations, first.

Trapped on the Tarmac by Virgin Atlantic

Maybe you heard about that Virgin Atlantic flight that diverted to Hartford this week because of bad weather in Newark. VA kept its passengers “trapped” on the plane for more than four hours – and people were getting understandably angry.

As a foreign carrier, Virgin Atlantic is exempt from the 3-hour airline rule that prevents U.S. pilots from holding passengers on planes for longer than three hours but the U.S. is considering extending the 3 hour rule to cover all airlines. This incident could be the perfect argument.

Flight Attendants Land Plane, Deliver Baby – But Will They Strike?

American Airlines flight attendants have been busy lately: one helped a pilot land the plane (after the first officer took ill); another helped deliver a baby boy on a plane (with assistance from two doctors on board).

Will the next role these flight attendants play be on a picket line? Maybe, maybe not. Their union has indicated its willingness to strike if necessary – and asked the National Mediation Board to release them from further talks (the last ones took place in May). So far, the NMB has made no decision.

Lady Gaga Trips at the Airport

Finally, at London’s Heathrow, Lady Gaga got off her plane and fell on her face. But you would too, if you were wearing foot tall, heel-less platforms (okay, they looked a foot tall).

Picture from American Airlines


Published: June 25, 2010