Flight Attendant News – Good, Bad and Ugly

Four flight attendants were injured in this week’s turbulence incident aboard a United flight over the Midwest (several passengers were injured as well).

The Good

No surprise about the crew, according to an FAA official quoted by ABC: “Most turbulence injuries are to flight attendants who are moving about the cabin.”

And yet, right after the plane settled down, there were those brave crew members, going up and down the aisles, tending to the injured. Such professionalism.


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The (Allegedly) Bad

Professionalism was a quality in short supply in this item: an Air France flight attendant has been accused of stealing from sleeping passengers aboard the Paris-Tokyo flights she worked on.

Sky News reports the flight attendant has confessed to some 26 thefts – apparently, those are just the ones she can remember, at least so far.

According to a local cop, “The Japanese are ideal prey as they often travel with a lot of cash in yens or euros, instead of using credit cards.”

The Ugly

A one-time flight attendant who was fired a couple of years ago (for supposedly tossing a coffee pot at another crew member) was apparently so steamed about being axed that he allegedly wrote threatening letters to American Airlines executives. The matter is now being dealt with in a New York court.

The Good Guys

In case you’re wondering, we see the vast majority of flight attendants as “the good guys” – men and women who work very hard under increasingly difficult conditions (which includes dealing with the occasional “bad” passenger).

Next time you board a plane, look one in the eye and smile – trust me, that simple act could make a flight attendant’s day.


Published: July 22, 2010