Flight Attendant Pleads Guilty to Setting Fire on Plane

Most flight attendants are way too busy working to get up to mischief even in the unlikely case they wanted to, but there are the occasional oddball stories, and here is one now:

Last week, flight attendant Eder Rojas pleaded guilty in federal court to setting a fire in a lavatory on the plane he was working on back in May of 2008.

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Fire in a Plane’s Lavatory

During the proceeding in Fargo, North Dakota, Assistant U.S. Attorney Brett Shasky stated that Rojas “was mad at the airline for making him work the route he was on.” The route was the Minneapolis to Regina, Saskatchewan run aboard Compass Airlines which flies as a Delta Connection carrier. Luckily, no was injured, the fire in the lavatory was put out (with Rojas “help”) and the plane landed safely.  But the flight attendant’s story gets odder, still.

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Flight Attendant on the Run from Justice

The now former flight attendant was originally set to go to trial in 2008, but never showed up; despite prosecution requests that he be jailed until trial, he was allowed out then vanished. After spending most of the next three years on the lam, he was arrested in Mexico and brought to the U.S. in August. Sentencing is has been set for December.

None of the many news stories on this topic mention if Mr. Rojas is currently incarcerated; if you know, let us know, too.


Published: October 3, 2011