Flight Attendant, Passenger Accused in Separate Plane Incidents

Two recent altercations on planes have resulted in a passenger accusing a flight attendant of assault and a flight attendant accusing a passenger of battery.

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Passenger Accuses Flight Attendant of Assault

A 46-year-old man aboard a Southwest flight heading from Denver to Sacramento on Oct. 24 claims a male flight attendant punched and shoved him – he has since retained a lawyer. Few other details are available about the alleged incident, although a Sacramento TV station reports that the passenger apparently did not file his complaint with the local sheriff’s department until four days after the incident.

Southwest told the station that “our internal reports and a customer witness account paint a stark contrast” to the assault claims.

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Passenger Arrested for Battery against Flight Attendant

The other incident occurred on a Horizon Air flight from Seattle to Boise on Nov. 4, when a woman allegedly threw a plastic cup at a flight attendant – that same cabin crew member also reportedly refused to give the passenger a second glass of wine and had originally ordered her to turn off her cell phone as the plane prepared for take off.

The woman was arrested on arrival in Boise. She later told a reporter she was not hurling the cup at the cabin crew member but was merely tossing it toward a trash receptacle. She has a Nov. 11 court date on misdemeanor charges.


Published: November 10, 2011