Favorite Video Tips: The Right Way and Wrong Way to Fly

Take a look at the following video from the VlogBrothers. They’ve cobbled together 17 tips for flyers, most of which we wholeheartedly endorse – but not all!

Tips for Flyers

After watching the video, be sure to see our clarifications below – you may learn something (like why you should never forget to use deodorant before a flight).

What the Video Got Right – And Wrong

Now, for some clarification on several of these tips (note: the quotes are from the video).

#2. “You might smell kind of bad – that’s fine, you have permission to be that way.” WRONG. If you smell really bad, you could find yourself booted from the flight.

#5. “Peanut butter counts as a gel.” RIGHT. The TSA has also discovered peanut butter jars make excellent hiding places for no-no’s such as marijuana.

#8. “Don’t joke with [security] about your pocket rocket launcher.” RIGHT. If you do, you could be arrested and the joke will be on you.

#9. “If you wear a hoodie you will be pulled aside for further screening.” RIGHT and WRONG. You will likely be pulled aside for wearing any sort of outerwear because unless you’re in a PreCheck lane, jackets must be removed – but for don’t go too far. Nude travel doesn’t fly.

#10. “You have an assigned seat [so no need to jostle for position to board].” WRONG. Well, wrong if you’re flying Southwest which prides itself on open seating.

#13. “Cup of soda, water, juice or coffee [is free].” WRONG. That is, it’s wrong if you’re flying Allegiant, Frontier or Spirit. They charge for soft drinks.

#15. “Bring a real book, they’re great anyway.” RIGHT. They are great and quite useful in case you need to whack any snakes on a plane.

#17. “If you do miss a connection [multi-task by waiting in line and going online].” RIGHT. And do check with FareCompare for the cheapest possible flights.


Published: August 2, 2013