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FareCompare Editor in Chief

Rick Seaney

Rick Seaney is an internationally known airfare expert and air travel analyst. His main objective is simple: “I want to help travelers find the best airfare every time they fly.” Rick is a go-to airline industry resource and is quoted daily in popular publications such as The New York Times and The Wall St. Journal. Rick also pens weekly columns for ABCNews and USAToday and makes regular appearances on Good Morning America and CNN.

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News Desk

Anne McDermott

Anne is an Emmy award-winning journalist who traded national news for global travel stories at FareCompare. She’s used to people getting excited about politics but says that’s nothing compared to the angry debates over airport security and bag fees. Favorite destination: “Too many to name just one, but Montana and Italy are in the top ten.”

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Joshua Bruton

Joshua presents the news through podcasts and video. Armed with a bevy of multimedia equipment and an eye for what’s newsworthy, Joshua brings the news to life.

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Media Requests

Alexandria Williams

Alex works diligently with the FareCompare team to identify the biggest air travel industry stories coming down the wire. She manages media relations for FareCompare and is a go-to resource for travel media worldwide.

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Published: August 20, 2011