FAA to Super Bowl Fans: Game is ‘No Drone Zone’

Did you know? Anybody can buy a drone these days. The FAA knows. And they say fine, just don’t try to use it at the Super Bowl in Phoenix. See the video below.

Sure it’s late but you can still go to the game (maybe)

FAA: No Drones at Super Bowl

This is the latest from the Federal Aviation Administration:

“The FAA bars unauthorized aircraft – including drones – from flying over or near NFL regular- and post-season football games. The FAA Notice to Airmen makes it crystal clear that anyone violating the rules may be ‘intercepted, detained and interviewed’ by law enforcement or security personnel.”

Even worse, this could land a violator in jail, which would be no fun at all.

No Drones at Other Sports Events

It’s not just a football thing, either. The FAA further notes:

“The same restriction applies to NCAA college games in stadiums seating 30,000 or more fans, Major League Baseball games and many NASCAR events.”

In other words, if you don’t have a ticket to the Super Bowl but want a good view of the proceedings between the Seahawks and the Patriots, you’re better off watching the game on TV.

VIDEO: FAA says No Drones at The Big Game.


Updated: January 28, 2015