European Union Adds 6 More Airlines to its Black List

The European Union’s so-called aviation “black list” which bans airlines from operating in any of its 27 member nations, has been updated with six more carriers.

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Six Airlines Added to Black List

The newly added airlines include aircraft operated by Jordan Aviation, Honduras’ Rollins Air, Equatorial Congo, Stellar Airways of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Aero Majestic and Interisland Airlines of the Philippines.

It should be noted that inclusion on the list, which numbers more than 280 airlines from 24 countries, does not mean these planes are more likely to crash. It’s about aviation oversight in the airlines’ home countries, which the EU believes does not meet their “essential safety standards.”

According to the AP, some critics have pointed out that the majority of airlines that appear on the black list “no longer operate or are freight outfits that service mining operations and do not carry regular passengers.”

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It is not unheard of for some airlines to get off the black list. TAAG Angola Airlines is now being allowed to operate two of its newer planes in EU, but seven of its other aircraft remain banned.

The FAA’s No Fly Airline List

There is not a formal black list in the United States, but the Federal Aviation Administration does keep a list of countries which “cannot initiate new [air] service and are restricted to current levels of any existing service to the United States while corrective actions are underway.” Countries are included in the list or not based on an assessment of the Civil Aviation Authority of each country.


Updated: November 16, 2015