Europe Travelers: Airline Strike Update for British Airways Passengers

An update from British Airways:

British Airways says it is “disappointed” to announce that the union representing the airline’s cabin crew personnel plans to conduct more strikes.

These are not open-ended strikes, but a series of four scheduled actions. These are the announced dates:

  1. May 18-22
  2. May 24-28
  3. May 30 – June 3
  4. June 5-9

You may recall that British Airways was hit by a series of strikes earlier this year, but the airline managed to keep many of their planes in the air.

Still, it’s been a difficult year for the carrier: first the strikes, then the volcanic ash that shut down European airspace, canceling thousands of airline flights and stranding passengers around the globe – and now, more strikes again.

Executives at British Airways say, “We are currently considering our response so we can minimize any disruption during this strike period.” Despite their best efforts, there could be more delays and cancellations ahead.

If you have travel plans with British Airways during the strikes, contact the airline as soon as possible – and you can find contact information for the airline on its website.

Thanks to Joe Brancatelli for the timely alert.


Published: May 10, 2010