Emirates to Begin Airbus A380 Flights to Dallas

The European Airbus A380 will touch down Oct. 1 at Dallas-Fort Worth airport when Emirates begins daily non-stops between the Texas city and Dubai. Only two other airports currently offer flights on A380s: Los Angeles International and JFK in New York.

Airbus designs big seats for bigger passengers

How Big is It?

The A380 is huge. Some statistics from the Airbus site:

  • Height: 79 feet – or about as tall as an 8-story building
  • Length: 238 feet – or about three-quarters the length of a football field
  • Fuel tank: 84,600 gallons
  • Passengers: That depends

Number of Passengers

According to Airbus, this Godzilla of planes can hold as many as 853 passengers, but airlines can configure seats any way they want and we don’t know of any carrier that seats quite that many.

Emirates’ plans for its Dallas flights are as follows:

  • First class private suites: 14
  • Business class with lie-flat beds: 76
  • Economy class: 399
  • Total passengers: 489

Don’t Forget Your Book or Electronic Device

Non-stops flights between Dallas and Dubai on Emirates take about 15-16 hours (depending on direction of travel). Emirates is currently offering these flights in October for $988 round-trip but you can find connecting flights to Dubai for less.


Published: April 3, 2014