Eastern Air Lines is Back. Guess Where it Flies?

Remember Eastern Air Lines? You might if you’re 40 or so since the iconic U.S. carrier went out of business in 1991.

Now, Eastern is back – at least in name – and back in the air.

Eastern Air Lines Cuba Flights

According to USA Today, the new Eastern isn’t actually a direct descendant of the carrier which began flying in 1926; the owners simply bought the name but the new version is based out of Miami just like the original and took off from Florida late last month on its first flight to Havana, Cuba.

However, don’t go looking for an Eastern site to book flights just yet. For now, the carrier only offers service through a charter company called Havana Air.

Eastern’s Expansion Plans

At some point Eastern will reportedly expand its service within the U.S. and we are told the carrier will position itself somewhere between a super-discounter and the legacy airlines.

We say, competition is always a good thing (since it can mean lower airfare prices) so welcome Eastern and we hope to be hearing more from you soon.


Updated: June 1, 2015