Earn Frequent Flyer Miles by Parking at the Airport? Yes, indeed.

You probably already know that travelers can earn frequent flyer miles in ways that have nothing to do with flying – such as using airline-branded credit cards on anything from vacuums to Victoria’s Secret but did you know parking at the airport can also add miles?

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Six Airlines Accept Parking Miles

It can if you fly out of Miami, Houston Intercontinental, New York’s LaGuardia or JFK, Newark, Atlanta and more, and now starting this June, add Dallas-Ft. Worth International to the mix.

The airports are included in a program called ThanksAgain that has gone into business with the miles programs of Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, United and US Airways to earn more miles or points with merchants which include a wide variety of business across the U.S. and even airport parking. And more.

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Souvenirs Count for Miles, Too

At DFW, flyers can earn for parking and even for meals and or simply for buying those souvenirs of the Lone Star State you’re required to bring home (or think you are). You can also earn miles at DFW’s airport hotels,¬†even the one reserved for pets-only.

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How it Works

One of the refreshing things about the ThanksAgain program is it does not require users to get a new credit card or get any kind of new card; simply register an existing card, check out merchants that accept it (and we’ve seen a multitude) and start shopping. Learn more here.

There are a lot of ways to earn miles, and if you’d care to share your miles-earning strategies, we’d love to hear about it.


Published: February 8, 2013