Due to Shutdown, Government Air Travel Workers Not Being Paid

FareCompare does not doubt you are always a respectful and courteous traveler but we are also aware some are not (and stories of passenger meltdowns are legion). But there’s a good reason to be especially polite if traveling in the next few days. Many of the people working to speed you safely on your way are not getting paid.

Shutdown: Landmarks closed to tourists

Unpaid Transportation Workers

The government shutdown is certainly keeping Beltway talking heads in business, but it’s also put a lot of other people out of business – on unwanted vacations called furloughs. And many of those who remain on the job are not getting paid. These include the following, according to a variety of news reports:

How are they doing? OK for now, it seems – but there is concern about how long a shutdown could last and the mood, according to one government employee we spoke with is, “increasingly anxious.”

Passport Info

For those who will be traveling overseas and may need a passport, the good news is these people are on the job and offices are open. The bad news is, “If a passport agency is located in a government building affected by a lapse in appropriations, the facility may become unsupported.” Unsupported is government-speak for “closed.” If you need a passport, do not wait (and this is good advice any time).

So, Be Nice

Maybe you’re not crazy about today’s security rituals or had a terrible experience with the TSA, but it may help to remember that the officers you encounter did not write the rules. And they’re not getting paid – at least for now.

They will, eventually, according to the media. But that’s probably not a whole lot of comfort in the meantime if the rent is due or the college tuition has to be paid.


Published: October 9, 2013