Dreamliner Return Closer with FAA Approval of Battery Changes

The Federal Aviation Administration is taking the final steps toward getting Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner back in the air by “approving Boeing’s design for modifications to the 787 battery system.” As the FAA’s announcement noted, these changes are designed to address risks at the battery cell level, the battery level and the aircraft level.

Dreamliner Grounded: Timeline

No Date Set for Dreamliner Return

No firm date has been set for the Dreamliner’s return though. Before that can happen, airlines will be required to replace batteries and install new containment and venting systems which will then need to be inspected by the FAA.

Dreamliner Grounded in January

In the U.S., only United Airlines has flown the new Dreamliner aircraft but there are a total of fifty planes that had been in use around the world. The FAA grounded the aircraft back on Jan. 16 after a series of well-publicized problems – and the planes, idle now for more than three months created a sizeable headache for Boeing as well as several international carriers, some of which have had to postpone new routes that were to be flown by Dreamliners.


Published: April 19, 2013