Delta’s Possible New Slogan vs. Best and Worse Airline Slogans Ever

According to reports, Delta Air Lines has taken steps to trademark what the Los Angeles Times says sounds like the airline’s newest motto: “The World’s Most Trusted Airline.”

If this does become Delta’s newest slogan (and we’ve contacted an airline rep seeking confirmation), it’s certainly pleasant enough but the best ever? You be the judge. UPDATE #1: Delta responded to our query with a simple, “We decline to comment.” UPDATE #2: According to a June 29 article in the LA Times, the patent office says Delta can’t trademark the slogan because it’s “not inherently distinctive, but rather is merely laudatory and descriptive.” Back to the drawing board!

Current Airline Slogans

A few of the slogans you still see and hear today.

  • American: “The New American is Coming”

This is a nod to its almost-but-not-quite-finished merger with US Airways.

  • Delta: “Keep Climbing”

Before this, the slogan was “Good Goes Around”. Bland, no?

  • Southwest: “Bags Fly Free”

For thrifty passengers who like to travel with everything in their closet. Possibly the best airline slogan of the modern fee-era.

  • United: “Fly the Friendly Skies”

First used in 1965, it was resurrected just last fall. Previously the carrier used, “It’s Time to Fly.” Fortunately, United still uses Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue in ads.

Airline Slogans of the Past

Some of the more memorable (and outrageous) slogans.

  • Braniff: “When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It”

Somewhat arrogant, but the flight attendants wore sexy Pucci print mini-skirt uniforms so it kind of made sense. Nevertheless, the airline folded in 1982.

  • Continental: “We Really Move Our Tail for You”

This 1970s slogan did not please everyone, including some of the era’s flight attendants. Today Continental has disappeared into a merger with United.

  • National Airlines: “I’m Cheryl, Fly Me”

Plenty of women weren’t happy with this particular campaign, either (and that’s putting it mildly). National, once a power among airlines, folded its wings in 1980.

  • Pan Am: “Live Today. Tomorrow Will Cost More”

This is certainly a strange one. Probably true, but do we really want to know this? Pan Am ceased operations in 1991.

  • TWA: “You’re Going to Like Us”

We did, until you went bankrupt in 2001.

So tell us – which do you love or hate?


Updated: September 9, 2016