Delta's New $199 Bundled Fee – Is it Worth It?

Delta has a brand new fee called the Smart Travel Pack which is pretty good marketing for a bunch of bundled services that’ll cost you a fairly hefty fee. Available for a limited time only. So is it worth it? We list the pros and cons below. You be the judge.

Rick Seaney says, solo flyers might not be interested. Or would they? Listen:

What $199 Gets You

This Smart Travel Pack comes with six distinct perks:

  1. Group discount: The fee is good for every member of your traveling party – up to 9 people total – but all must be on the same reservation
  2. First bag free: Provides one free checked bag per person
  3. Priority boarding: Get on the plane ahead of most passengers
  4. Preferred seats: You get to choose aisle and bulkhead seats that are often unavailable to most travelers (at least for earliest seat selection)
  5. Upgrade: You can get into an Economy Comfort seat for half the price of the usual fee
  6. More miles: You get a 20% miles bonus per flight

New fee alert (do you fly these airlines?)

The Pros

This might be perfect for families traveling during the holiday season.

  • If you travel a lot, especially with family members who like to check bags, this could save you some real money. A checked-bag for 9 people on a single round-trip flight costs $450
  • If traveling with family members especially little ones or older passengers, the priority boarding could be a real stress-buster

The Cons

There’s always something, right?

  • You can use it on as many flights as you like, but only through Jan. 5
  • If you travel with a carry-on, you lose a lot of the fee bundle’s value
  • Must be a member of Delta’s SkyMiles program (but not available to those with elite status)
  • It cost $199

Worth it or Not?

It all depends. Would this be worth it for you and your family? We’d love to hear.


Published: September 17, 2013