Delta Partial Increase Rollback Sunday Night

Delta Airlines

In tonight’s 5pm EDT domestic U.S./Canada airfare distribution, Delta partially rolled back the 5$ one-way increase that started at the end of last week.

The Delta partial rollback was on 10% of their increases filed on Thursday.

It is not unusual for competitive pressures to cause an airline to partially rollback increases (in this case a quick sampling shows Delta rolling back on competing AirTran markets where they did not follow on the increase late last week).

Additionally, United and Northwest both had minor 5$ one-way rollbacks on less than 2% of their original increases, showing that jockeying for position is starting to occur this evening.

At this point there is no indication on whether or not a full rollback is likely to occur.

The next airfare distribution occurs at 10am EDT Monday morning and we will update via e-mail on significant activity.


Published: June 24, 2007