Delta Offers New In-Flight Entertainment Options

Good news for bored flyers: Delta now gives you more things to look at on your laptop, and phone and tablet users will get these new entertainment options shortly. You won’t even need to pay the Wi-Fi charge to get it, though there is a small fee.

Does your airline have Wi-Fi? Here’s a list.

New Entertainment Options on Delta Connect

As of right now, when you fire up the laptop on any Wi-Fi equipped Delta plane (and there are more than 500 of them), you arrive at the Delta Connect page and from there you can access Wi-Fi (prices vary), but you don’t have to have it, in order to check out these offerings:

  • for designer label shopping
  • for restaurant reservations
  • for shoes and more
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Celebrity news from People

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Then, if you like, go online for work or play courtesy Delta and Gogo (the largest in-flight internet provider for U.S. airlines). Prices for Wi-Fi vary according to usage.

Get TV and Movies, Too

Travelers who fly on any of Delta’s sixteen 757’s can now also get television and movie offerings on their laptops; TV shows start at just 99 cents, while movies go for $3.99. There are two additional perks to these entertainment options:

  • No additional fee for Wi-Fi is required
  • Downloaded TV/movies remain available on laptop for 24 hours

Note: Over the next few months, Delta plans to roll out these offerings on its 757’s to smart phone and tablet users, as well. And the airline is also adding Wi-Fi to all its regional jets equipped with first class.

Question for Bored Flyers

What do you like to do on a plane to pass the time?


Published: October 5, 2011