Delta Launches Innovation Class – For a Few Lucky Flyers

Time to brush up the old LinkedIn profile that you haven’t touched in years because that’s the only way to join Delta’s exclusive new Innovation Class. Imagine yourself seated in business class next to your own personal mentor and you’ve got the picture.

Mentoring at 35,000 Feet

The initial Innovation Class flight took place on March 14 when Eric Migicovsky, founder of Pebble (maker of the Pebble smartwatch) was the seatmate of up-and-coming “interaction designer, inventor and visual artist” James Patten as they headed to Vancouver for the recent TED Conference (“ideas worth spreading”). According to the account on Delta’s website, Mr. Patten got a lot out of this. Perhaps you will too – if you like to cook – because May’s mentoring class features renowned chef Sean Brock (Husk & McCrady’s) as he and his mentee fly to New York City for the James Beard Awards.

There have been previous attempts at pairing off seatmates – mostly to find like-minded folks who would get along with each other – but we are aware of nothing quite like Delta’s program.

How to Apply

Go to the Delta Innovation Class site and select one of the flights that interests you. Then, enter your LinkedIn credentials. If your LinkedIn profile makes Delta’s shortlist of candidates, they’ll contact you for more information. If you win, the flight – and the knowledge you’ll gain – is absolutely free.

We have no idea if you’ll have to pay a bag fee or not.


Published: March 25, 2014