Delta Launches New Airfare Hike – Some Matching Activity Underway

UPDATE – Monday, Sept. 22: Rick Seaney reports that a rollback of the hike is now underway.


Airfare analyst and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney noted on Friday (Sept. 19) that Delta Air Lines initiated a new airfare hike.

United, American Join Delta’s Hike

The hike – up to $10 round-trip – is considered to be broad-based (covering the  bulk of the airline’s route system). According to Seaney, United Airlines was the first to raise its prices to match Delta’s hike, but American Airlines quickly followed suit.

Still on the fence  is Southwest, and as Seaney has noted in the past, its participation can often make or break a hike.

Hikes of 2013

As you can see in the chart below, there have been more than a dozen airfare hike attempts so far this year, with only a smattering of success – and most of the hikes that did stick were in niche markets, targeting business travelers or U.S.-Canada flights only.

It’s too soon to determine whether this latest hike ultimately succeeds or fails but look for further updates here.


Published: September 22, 2014