Delta Joins Fee Trend with New Array of Bundled Services

Delta Air Lines already ranks number one in baggage fees, pulling in more than $233 million in the third quarter of 2012, and now the airline is joining the latest fee trend: mining the relatively new fee revenue stream of bundling mulitple add-on services at a discounted price.

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Delta’s New Fee Options

Delta’s new offerings include a Lift and Ascend package of services which include the following:

  • Lift: Priority Boarding plus 1,000 mile Mileage Booster – $34 (if purchased separately, from $38-$68)
  • Ascend: Priority Boarding plus 24-hour Wi-Fi access – $19 (if purchased separately, $21)

Prices shown are for economy passengers in a limited number of markets (for now). These services are already free for first class and business travelers.

American’s Bundled Fee Options

Earlier this month, American Airlines announced its own array of bundled fee services including three options for coach. Call it the latest effort to secure the loyalty of the all-important big-spending business traveler – as well as economy passengers who like some comforts and are willing to pay for a better experience. Air travel expert Rick Seaney predicted fee bundling would be big this year and the trend is expected to continue throughout 2013.

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For Travelers Who Want to Avoid Fees

Many passengers prefer to avoid as many fees as possible, bundled or otherwise and there are still a few options such as flying JetBlue or Southwest for free checked-bags (or traveling with a carry-on) but the true bottom line to saving money is to always compare prices. As airfare expert Seaney notes, it’s the only way to find the cheapest flights every time you shop.


Published: December 28, 2012