Delta Drops Onboard Entertainment Fee

Well, here’s something different. According to CNN, Delta Air Lines had been charging passengers from $.99 to $3.99 to view TV and movies on its screens, but now – it’s free.

Entertainment on Delta, Other Airlines

Delta’s new fee-less entertainment policy which took effect Aug. 1 is good on flights 90 minutes or longer (on planes equipped with Wi-Fi). Programming can be accessed by passengers’ mobile devices or seatback TV screens and you can learn more here. This may be an attempt to align itself with other carriers with free entertainment options. Take a look:

  • JetBlue: Every seat on every plane is equipped with a screen. Passengers get 36 channels of free TV plus “premium entertainment” for $5.99 per channel. Learn more here.
  • Southwest: The airline has no seatback screens so you must bring your own device but you can use it to watch 13 live channels and up to 75 on-demand TV episodes for free. Learn more here.
  • Virgin America: Another airline with screens at every seat offering 20+ channels of live TV plus thousands of on-demand video and audio selections that “are either for sale for a small fee or free.” You can also use the seatback screen to send another passenger a drink. Learn more about Virgin America’s entertainment system here.

The Future of Inflight Entertainment

It appears that we’ll be left to our own devices, no pun intended. CNN quotes an analyst as saying that airlines are moving away from seatback screens and new airplanes that are being ordered supposedly have “no screens anywhere.” Hmm.


Published: August 4, 2014