Delta Bans Pets in Cargo on 767 Aircraft

As of earlier this month, Delta will no longer accept pets in cargo – or as checked-baggage – on any of its Boeing 767 aircraft. This is a wide-bodied mid-sized plane that can be configured to seat anywhere from approximately 180 to 375 passengers.

Flying with a Pet: What to Know

Delta: Pet Policy Changes for 767 Planes

No reason was given for the change, and other carriers that use the 767 plane – including American and United – do not appear to exclude the aircraft from carrying animals in cargo. However, pet restrictions (and fees) can and do change at any time, and passengers wishing to transport animals should always check out the latest on pet regulations when booking airfare (and reminder: animals need reservations, too).

Airline Fees for Pets in Cabin and Cargo

Airlines and Pet Deaths

Although rare, animals do fall ill and even die during transport. According to the latest figures from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics – three animal deaths were reported in April of this year, including a dog that flew on American and two pets on Delta flights. None of the records shown in the BTS report indicated what types of aircraft were involved.

Know the Regulations

In general, airlines have lengthy and specific regulations regarding the transport of animals including rules governing the type and size of kennels allowed and more. Any passenger considering bringing along an animal on a flight must adhere to all regulations or the animal may be turned away at the airport.


Published: June 25, 2012