Delta's Attempted Airfare Hike Ends in Failure

UPDATE (Aug. 14): Delta has rolled back its ticket prices. “There were no takers,” said airfare analyst Rick Seaney and with no competitors stepping up to match the higher prices, the attempted increase failed.

Earlier (Aug. 13):

Airfare analyst Rick Seaney reports that on Monday, Aug. 12, Delta Air Lines filed an airfare hike, the 9th attempted hike of 2013.

Hike Aimed at Business Travel

This latest hike appears to be aimed squarely at the business traveler since indications are that it applies only to tickets purchased within seven days of departure. Such last-minute purchases are largely the realm of the road warrior. The new hike adds $20 to these round-trip fares.

2013 – Fewer Hike Attempts

The pace of airfare hike attempts has slowed in recent years. As noted, this was the 9th attempt of the year but just two years ago, there were 22 such attempts. Here’s a quick run-down (and see the list of 2013 hike attempts, below):

We will update with more on the hike as it becomes available.



Published: August 13, 2013