Delayed Dreamliner, 777 Planes Disappoint United, American Flyers

Some of the Nov. 4 inaugural flights of the new Boeing Dreamliner – the long-delayed and much anticipated 787 aircraft – are being scrubbed, much to the disappointment of United Airlines flyers who snapped up tickets.

What’s So Great about the Dreamliner?

United Cancels Some Dreamliner Flights

According to news reports which cite a “surprise hitch in delivery,” the wide-body Dreamliner will still fly its Houston to Chicago and Houston to Los Angeles routes, but the Houston 787 flights to Chicago and Newark have been dropped, though passengers can be accommodated on another type of plane. Since it is believed some or perhaps many only booked these flights for Dreamliner bragging rights, the airline is notifying them ahead of time so they can cancel their flights without penalty.

The Great Airplane Shopping Spree

Dreamliner – Years of Delays

The Dreamliner was initially scheduled to begin flying back in 2008 but one problem after another led to a series of delays and the aircraft didn’t make its first commercial flight until a year ago for Japan’s All Nippon Airways.

American Cancels Some 777-300 Flight

American Airlines meanwhile is having to tell some of its passengers that another new Boeing aircraft, the 777-300ER, is also having what it calls “production issues” – in other words, delays. The inaugural flight of this plane had been scheduled for Dec. 13 from Dallas to Sao Paulo. Passengers who booked specifically to fly the new aircraft through Jan. 30 will be allowed to make changes without penalty; otherwise, they will travel on  the older 777-200 model aircraft.


Published: November 1, 2012