Decision Day for American Airlines – Buzz Getting Louder

According to knowledgeable sources closely monitoring the will-they-or-won’t-they merger drama between American Airlines and US Airways, the “chatter” is getting louder – chatter and buzz that D-Day or decision day could happen as early as next week.

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Decision Could Come in Days

And as another person close to the ongoing drama notes, the growing buzz suggests “a lot of momentum” on the side of an airline marriage, although as others have reported this is not a done deal. US Airways meanwhile is keeping quiet while all American Airlines CEO Tom Horton has said is that an announcement would come in a matter of “weeks” with no hint of a definitive timetable or what such an announcement would reveal.

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A New Mega-Airline?

What is known is that a new, merged airline would keep the iconic American Airlines name, or so says US Airways CEO Doug Parker, widely seen as the man who would end up running any merged airline – though that too is not a done deal.

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What’s in it for Passengers

A merger could mean a broader, complementary route system for passengers – but it could also mean higher airfare. Prices generally rise in the wake of mergers if for no other reason than there’s one less competitor vying for the flying public’s dollar. It already pays to seek out the best deals when shopping for airfare but if a merger occurs between these giants, it will be more important than ever – particularly for leisure travelers – to find the cheapest flights.


Published: February 6, 2013