Crabby Cabbie Stars in New JetBlue Anti-Bag Fee Ad Campaign

Today’s news roundup features one of America’s most popular airlines – JetBlue.

JetBlue Hates Bag Fees

Today the airline kicked off a new marketing campaign titled, “You Above All” but it’s not just your typical feel-good message. It’s got a bite, you could say – an edge.

It’s about the bag fees. As many of you know, Southwest allows its passenger two free checked-bags, but some don’t know that JetBlue gives you one free checked-bag.

Edgy New Ads

For example, take a look at one of JetBlue’s new ads – like this one, below. It features a cab driver who starts charging his passengers $25 to put their luggage in the trunk of his taxi. Their expressions upon learning this are priceless (and the cabbie is terrific). Take a look:

JetBlue Kicks Angry Passenger Off Plane

Meanwhile, JetBlue kicked a passenger off a JFK to Tampa flight earlier this week. What did the man do? He’d tried to switch his seat. When told he couldn’t, the passenger reportedly had a “hissy fit” – an big loud argument with the flight attendant.

Must have been some argument – he was eventually kicked off the plane. Unfortunately, everyone else had to deplane as well, and go through security all over again, though it’s not clear why. The angry passenger wasn’t arrested or anything, but he wasn’t let back on the plane.

Meanwhile, the rest of the passengers – all 126 of them – had their flight delayed by more than three hours.

The lesson is – don’t argue with your flight attendant. On a plane, their word is law.

The Flight Attendant Halloween Costume

Of course, flight attendants aren’t perfect, and as Exhibit A we have former JetBlue employee Steven Slater.

Slater, you will recall, is the flight attendant who apparent lost it, and exited his plane at JFK via the emergency slide – after first grabbing a couple of beers. Later he said he hoped he wouldn’t lose his job, but…he did.

On the bright side though, it seems the former flight attendant has inspired a popular Halloween costume.

Yes, a costume. Just go to Ricky’s NYC – it’s a big costume shop in Manhattan – and ask for the “Angry Steward” outfit. Just $39.99. The beer is not included.


Published: October 15, 2010