Could Severe Storms Disrupt New York Airports for Thanksgiving Travel?

It looks like the New York area and much of the east could get hit with some severe rain and wind, and even snow in northern New England, but whether this will disrupt airport traffic at this point is a matter for meteorologists, and their opinions differ.

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How Bad Could the Weather Get?

Bloomberg is citing one source that says “heavy rains and winds are expected to sweep across New York City” late today and tomorrow, while other forecasts say more northerly regions will bear the brunt of any storms.

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However, airport traffic is expected to be heavy at most airports. Although it’s anticipated that the actual passenger count will be down about 2 percent over last year’s Thanksgiving travel period, planes will be just as packed or nearly so because of determined efforts by the airlines to cut capacity this year.

Anyone heading into potential storm country in the next few days should stay in contact with their airline and be prepared for delays. Suggestions include packing food and keeping cell phone chargers within reach.

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When Flight Delays Loom, Stay in Touch with Airline

If your flight is delayed, or there are signs it might be, contact your airline immediately to see what your options are. These days, airlines are increasingly proactive about waiving change fees when bad weather merely threatens a flight.

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If a flight is delayed or canceled, the key to being first in line for the next flight is to contact your airline immediately. Passengers at the airport should get in line at a counter, and at the same time, get on the phone to the airline, since there’s no way of telling which method will be fastest.


Published: November 22, 2011